Meal planning made simple


Want to try Paleo?

Curious to see how a Paleo lifestyle will make you feel but don't know where to start? When I first tried Paleo for 30 days, it changed my life. Get a FREE 4 week meal plan with shopping lists and recipe cards here:


What's for dinner?

This question comes every day..... do you have an answer?

Now you always will... no matter what your eating style.

We want to eat healthy but without proper planning, we can end up dialing up the delivery guy or finding ourselves in a fast food drive through more often than we'd like.  We lead busy lives and meal planning can be time consuming.  Real Plans meal planning website and App are here to help you...

Real Plans has done the work for you.  By simply entering your food preferences like Traditional, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Keto... and now Whole30, they make meal planning easier than ever!  I now have some of MY recipes in their database of over 500 delicious Whole30 recipes they now offer!  Whatever your food preference...they'll design a customized meal plan just for you.

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Planning a Whole30? We've got you covered...

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