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Being in the business I am... Ingredients mean everything to me.  People ask for my advice all the time about how they can improve their quality of life and health.  There has never been a time when I would recommend a product to my clients and readers that I couldn't feel completely confident using myself and giving to my family.  More often than not, I would read a product's ingredients...and put it back on the shelf.  

Being a healthy lifestyle blogger and certified Nutrition Coach, I know a lot about proper nutrition.  I know that certain supplements matter.  I know that with today's depleted soils, they matter more than ever.  I know supplements are not all created equal.  I know that supplements should be exactly that... a supplement.  They are not meant to be a replacement for a healthy lifestyle.  

People today lead busy lives and don't always have access to perfect nutrition...all the time.  I know I don't.  I also know they don't have the time, or know-how to research which supplements are effective...and safe

Proper nutrition is extremely important, so I'm happy to share what I've learned to help you make healthier...and SMARTER choices for your family...

Plant Protein is ideal for pre or post workouts, breakfast (with other ingredients you choose) or whenever you need a healthy boost of energy from protein or a quick on-the-go snack.  With few ingredients, you're not bogged down with ingredients that aren't healthy or neccessary.

THIS is my favorite thing about our protein powder that really makes it shine compared to other brands!

Just as important as checking for quality ingredients, is checking servings per container...many are only 14 or 15, some less!


Enjoy this short video of my friend, Danielle Diamond chatting with Keri Glassman about these quality supplements...


Plant Protein - Our 100% grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, plant-based protein powder is a nutrient-rich blend of clean, high-quality proteins including pea, chia, pumpkin, hemp and quinoa. Absolutely nothing artificial and no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.  Sweetened with very small amounts of organic stevia and monk fruit.  Delicious taste and silky-smooth creamy texture.  No chalky taste or texture with this plant protein!  Contains coconut oil as the emulsifier, not unhealthy seed oils!  30 full servings per bag.  

 Greens Blend - Raw, certified organic grasses with organic medicinal mushrooms for immunity.  Contains dulse, the superfood of all superfoods.  Amazing berry flavor with no grassy taste!

Minerals and Antioxidants - Gain energy instead of the sugar crash from other sports drinks!  This will be amazing for your kid's sports events to replace unhealthy sports drinks.  Made from a base of coconut oil + aloe vera...perfect for the gym too.  Get the best source of minerals from sea vegetables, with a taste you'll look forward to.  *Available in Tropical or Cherry flavor.

Probiotic - I recommend everyone take a daily probiotic but they are not all created equal.  These promise to work where they should in the gut and offer the highest quality strains available.  Manufactured in the USA.  Room temperature stable.

 Multivitamin - Like no other you've tried...daily focused nutrition that has exactly what you need and nothing you don't.  Veggie capsule with no magnesium stearate.  Contains a healthy spice blend of rosemary, turmeric, oregano, cayenne, cinnamon, holy basil, ginger and clove - even smells like amazing spices!   

Folic Acid Replaced with Folate:  Folic Acid has been replaced with a similar ingredient that is more universally bioavailable and more beneficial called Folate. Folate converts to Folic Acid and many other key compounds that support our metabolism and a variety of cellular processes. About 40% of the U.S. population may have a gene that limits the body's ability to absorb folic acid. For this group to benefit from this important vitamin, Folate is recommended. 

 Omega-3 Fish Oil - *Capsule or liquid - Both forms are ultra pure, Five Star, third party tested for safety and quality (IFOS)

You and your family will love adding these nutritious products to your life...even your little ones will love the taste!  You can shop safe with a money back guarantee.

Check out these RECIPES:  I love creating ways for you and your family to enjoy nutrition in creative ways:

Anti-Aging Drink

Paleo Vanilla Raw Balls

Skin Smoothie

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