Bacon-wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

jalapeño-poppers It's no wonder Jalapeño Poppers are so tasty...they are breaded and fried and are filled with yummy cream cheese!  I used to think they were a thing of the past with my healthier lifestyle...but I was wrong.  They can be even better!!

We had some friends over recently and they brought these babies over and they ended up being the hit of the day!!!  She made some special for us that were stuffed with creamy goat cheese, and still made some with the traditional cream cheese.  Here's how to make them...

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  For 16 poppers, you'll need 8 jalapeños.  Cut the ends off of jalapeños, cut them in half lengthwise and clean out the seeds.  Stuff the halves with goat cheese (or cream cheese).  Wrap uncooked bacon around them and secure with a toothpick.   Line a baking sheet with foil.  Place the poppers on a cooling rack on top of a baking the bacon grease drips down onto the baking sheet.  A little of the cheese will drip down save cleanup time by lining that baking sheet with foil....or else you'll be soaking that baked-on cheese mess and scrubbing that pan for a while!  (can you tell I learned this the hard way?)  :)

Bake until the bacon is done and crispy....about 30 minutes.  Let cool slightly and serve!


These will not disappoint!  These are tastier than any other jalapeño popper I've ever had!!  Super easy to make and will be the hit of the next get-together you have!!  Thanks Meredith for bringing these over!!