The best Champagne stopper - keeps it fresh for a week!

champagne-stopper My friends know I love anything that has to do with Champagne.  I was given this gift recently and it's AMAZING. It's a CapaBubbles Champagne Stopper...a reusable cap... that keeps your sparkling wine bubbly for a whole week!  This is not my first champagne stopper I've owned...I have found some that work GREAT...but this one is special!

First of all....I opened it and it said this on it, SO cute...


The bottom section unscrews from the top section... and the bottom part opens and closes around the flange of the bottle.  The top then screws on!!  It literally turns your bottle into a SCREW CAP!!  Genius!  It's totally air tight too...the rubber lid actually balloons up a bit as it's tightened, creating a pressurized's very secure because it screws on.

IMG_9901 IMG_5903

I like this one better than my metal one I have because that one can pop off if you're not careful!  I've heard it pop off in the fridge before!  This one comes with handy instructions right on the cute container...


They have such cute sayings on them!  There are 4 different sparkling ones to choose from.  The company is called CapaBunga and they also have very cute regular wine stoppers with different sayings on them, among other products.  When I looked up their company I saw that they are located right near me!  They are right up the road in Windsor, California...near Healdsburg.  I'll have to go find them!  I know what I'm getting all my that I've turned them all into Champagne lovers too;)

To learn more about the here on  They also have a video on how to use it!  They will customize items for you too...I see some CapaBubbles stoppers with "Happy WifeStyle" written on them in my future!!

Now you can enjoy Champagne anytime!  "Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions.  Sometimes the special occasion is that you've got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.  -Hester Browne

-Purple cap pictures taken by me, that's my stopper!  The others were taken my CapaBunga.