Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof-Coffee Last weekend I heard about "Bulletproof Coffee" for the very first time.  When I heard the ingredients....I almost said "WTF?"

Well, I was convinced to try it.  I must say, it was THE MOST DELICIOUS COFFEE DRINK I'VE EVER HAD.  So, what's all the hype about?  I decided to find out.  After reading quite a few articles about it, including what the inventor of the drink had to say...I chose this one to share with all of you.  I think it sums it up nicely.  What are your thoughts?  Is this something YOU would drink for breakfast??  I'm still a little torn...but it was tasty!!

Enjoy the following article written by The FabFitFun Team...

Bulletproof Coffee:  Would You Add This to Your Cup of Joe?

For most of us, going without our morning coffee would be like a never-ending version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. (An average of 2.25 billion cups are drank around the world every single day. #yikes!)

And now there’s a new way to drink your java: Bulletproof coffee!

What exactly is this new trend that even Jimmy Fallon is getting in on? Bulletproof Coffee is made by combining three things in your blender: coffee, butter from grass-fed cows, and coconut oil (or Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil). Start with a teaspoon each of butter and oil and work your way up to one or two tablespoons.

Why Bulletproof? Dave Asprey, the founder and creator of Bulletproof, said preparing coffee this way yields “maximum energy, total elimination of food cravings, and easy weight loss.” Um, yes please!

But what’s wrong with the coffee we’re drinking now? “The mold toxins found in coffee can cause the negative symptoms people associate with coffee, like jitters, headaches, or a crash, and worst of all, food cravings for sugar,” Asprey said. Bulletproof beans are lab-tested to maintain ultra-low levels of mold toxins.

What sort of changes can we expect to see by making our coffee Bulletproof? How about mental clarity and no sugar cravings for starters! “Your brain uses the healthy fats to fuel clear thinking, and the satiating fat from grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil to turn off food cravings for hours. Sugar cravings disappear immediately and stay gone for between four and six hours,” Asprey said.

Wondering how weight loss can go hand-in-hand with butter and oil in your coffee? Fear not! “The low-fat dogma that is still very common was largely based on incomplete science done over a half century ago,” Asprey said. “The latest science supports using high quality, undamaged fats, including saturated fat, into your diet. In fact, the government of Sweden just revised its version of the food pyramid to focus on using high-quality saturated fats for a significant portion of calories.”

So why butter and coconut oil? “Butter provides a feeling of satiety and is a source of a rare fat called butyric acid that improves brain and gut health. Coconut oil provides additional saturated fat to keep you full, and very small amounts (15%) of fats called medium chain triglycerides that fuel the brain. Your body can use these special fats to provide cellular energy in a way that sugar and other fats do not,” Asprey said.

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