How to Make Hard Steamed Eggs

I sent out this Hard Steamed Eggs "how to" to my subscribers by email around Easter time and people LOVED IT.  It's a game-changer for sure. I used to make hard boiled eggs and get so frustrated with the shells sticking and being impossible to peel!  I live in Petaluma, which is the Egg Capitol of the world because the Petaluma River used to carry eggs down to San Francisco before the Golden Gate Bridge was built!  We still have an annual "Butter & Eggs Day Parade!  (A little trivia for ya!)  ;)

You can use this method on farm fresh eggs and the shells just slide off beautifully.  The yolks turn out so bright yellow.  I used to think all hard boiled eggs had that gray ring and sulfur-y taste.... not anymore!!  Here's what you do...

1.  Fill the bottom of a pot with water. Place a steamer basket inside, making sure the basket sits above the water level, but enough water that it will not dry out and evaporate while steaming. Turn heat to high and let it to come to a boil.

2.  Place cold eggs from the fridge in the basket and cover. Set timer for 11-12 minutes. Turn heat down if needed to medium-high, as long as it's still bubbling.

3.  When the timer goes off, remove from heat and run cold water into the pot until it's cold water sitting in the pot. Let eggs rest in the cold water for a few minutes to stop them from cooking.

4.  Dry off and peel carefully from the bottom. Shells slide off easily every time!

This has become one of my most popular posts on Instagram, so I wanted to share it on my blog too!  I shared it while guest posting last week on @whole30recipes on Instagram and it was a BIG hit.  Enjoy!!!

Look how perfect those happy yolks are... Stella likes them too.  ;)