Super Easy Shrimp & Salad

shrimp-and-salad The other night I was a little crunched for time and needed to whip something together for dinner and I realized I hadn't planned for anything!  I had been to Costco recently and I had a container of their Cilantro Lime Shrimp from their deli area... I love keeping those TASTY shrimp around for when hunger strikes or moments like this!  I skewered the shrimp and my husband threw them on the grill!  I made a salad with mixed greens, kale, arugula, goat feta, beets (also from Costco...called "Just Beets" in the deli...easy and delicious), cherry tomatoes and avocados.  I dressed it lightly with some balsamic and olive oil!   For how good it looked and tasted it was SUPER easy, so I thought I'd share with you.   My husband always grumbles a little bit when we have seafood, but he LOVED it...even talked about it the next day, how much he enjoyed the shrimp that way!  Paleo success!!