A Different Kind of Gym...

Luma-Fitness If you ask women if they've ever joined a gym, most will say yes.  I've joined four....with good intentions....but the relationship never lasted.

They were all big box gyms where I felt like it was more of a fashion show than a gym.  Some women wore as much makeup to "workout" as they did to go out on the town...if they ever got around to the working out part.  Many gyms are the "See and Be Seen" environment.  That's not for me.  The rows and rows of cardio equipment with people waiting to get on them just "going through the motions".  Eventually, I would quit going because I never really knew what to do.  I never got out of it what I wanted to...which was RESULTS!

So, for the past 10 years, I have taken my gym home and have done DVD's which I have gotten great results with.  The problem with this for many people is the self-discipline it takes.  You aren't accountable to anyone but yourself.

There's personal training, which holds you very accountable, but can be very pricey.  There are "boot camps", but what happens when it's over?  It seems like there's a Cross Fit Gym popping up on every corner these days...but those intimidated me.  I know some close friends who are very involved in Cross Fit, even compete.  In talking to them, I knew that wasn't quite the right fit for me either.  I don't respond well to the drill sergeant approach... so I swore off gyms.  Until now...

I took a class early this morning at Luma Fitness in Petaluma.  I spoke to Jessica, one of the owners, to schedule my first class the other day and she explained everything very clearly.  I was happy to hear that I totally fit into the average age group at their gym!  I decided to give it a try!

Here's what Luma Fitness has to say about their facility...

At Luma Fitness, we specialize in group training for all levels, ages and abilities. Luma Fitness is open 7 days a week and offers over 65 classes throughout the week to meet all schedules.

The Coaches at Luma Fitness integrate a wide variety of cutting edge training methods in each session that utilize proven scientific principles and techniques. Each training session at Luma Fitness is unique and is carefully structured to maximize the physical potential of any individual, regardless of your fitness goals!

The owners are very family oriented and aim to help create "fit families", I love that!   They actually care that you show up and workout...unlike the places I've joined in the past.  Their workouts are designed to incorporate movements that will enhance daily tasks and boost your overall quality of life.  They offer different types of classes for every age and fitness level....beginner all the way to Speed & Agility classes for serious athletes.  The coaches push you but are very friendly.  They help you with your form to decrease chance of injury.  The classes are kept to a size where the coaches can keep an eye on and encourage everyone.   Each class lasts for about 50 minutes and has a wide variety of exercises from circuits inside... to going out the front door for a short sprint!  You can feel comfortable to get a drink of water if you feel the need and jump right back in.

I started with the JUMPSTART class which is their most basic class.  I'm glad I did!  I can feel it already, lots of legs today!  Heather was our coach and she was wonderful.  She knew everyone's name and interacted with everyone.  I felt comfortable there, people introduced themselves to me... I felt like I got a killer workout...which is the point, right?!

I think I'm going to stick with this class a few times before I feel brave enough to move up to the FIT class, which is where most people land who attend Luma.  I wish there were more gyms like this so everyone could have this experience....a family vibe, better health, and most importantly...RESULTS!  You can even schedule classes through an APP!  I'll keep you posted on my experiences!

Click on the link to learn more about Luma Fitness!  (Maybe there's someplace similar in your town...if so, give it a try!)  Luma offers a COMPLETELY FREE 2 week trial membership!

-Photo taken by Luma Fitness.