Smile...It's Frenchie Friday!

Smile-frenchie-friday "Stella" loved her walk this morning to go get coffee with mom and dad.  My legs were SO SORE today from my intense leg workout yesterday!!  The walk helped...but I felt a little pathetic and gimpy!

I caught this big cheesy smile in front of one of our favorite coffee was nice and cool this morning which is best for my flat-faced friend!!

It's so fun to pass people on our walk who love to stop and talk to "Stella".  Today someone thought she was a white Boston Terrier!  HaHaHa!    She wasn't offended...she knows those Boston's and Pugs are just Frenchie impostors!

She did meet a beautiful Fox Terrier today....crossed paths with two cats...and saw two ducks!

Have a beautiful Frenchie Friday!  Don't forget to SMILE!  I'm going to go stretch...ouch!