Fitness Challenge Day 5

Day-5-done It is DAY 5 of the 7 Minute Workout Fitness Challenge!  Some of you might be hating me right now.... that's okay, I'm not taking it personally!  After all, that's the second agreement in the Four Agreements, right!?  ;)

Today I didn't feel sore, so I felt good about going for 2 sets today!  At the end of the first set, I felt tired... but not tired enough to stop there!  What I did for five minutes in between sets was did some stretching on the mat since my muscles were warm... then I did the workout a second time.  What I found was that the second time around, it was actually easier than the first time around!  I was warmed up, so that can happen.  Sometimes on my hikes, I'll feel like I'm not as strong in the beginning as I feel once my body gets going.

So I encourage you to give it a try... try TWO sets today if you haven't yet!  You just might be surprised at what your body is capable of!  Also... you'll get better, quicker results!! :)  You're doing great, so reward yourself!  After my big hike yesterday, I felt like I deserved some Paleo Fudgy Brownies!  They were GOOOOOOD!  Remember, you're on your way to a more confident, happier you!  You're ONE workout away from a better mood!!  Go enjoy your day!