"Frenchie Friday" - Did you know Frenchies could fly?

fly-frenchie-collage I bet you didn't know Frenchies could FLY!  Many people don't know how playful French Bulldogs are!  Yes, they are couch potatoes, but they have also been known to love agility classes and ours LOVES to fetch!  Aside from not being able to play for too long because of her "smashed" face... we have to tell her when it's time for a break... she is actually quite agile!   Our Frenchie, "Stella" goes out of her way to jump from furniture to furniture, essentially making her own "agility course" on her way to fetch her toys!  It's very entertaining.  She loves to run, jump and play hard.... (if you click on the pictures you can see them larger)


With that being said.... she sleeps even harder because she wears herself out!  It's so funny, she'll "tip over" onto her side and my husband and I will laugh... and say "the pig tipped!"  She gets herself sleeping into all kinds of very interesting positions...and snores loudly...


Hope this gave you a laugh.... enjoy the little, or big, characters in your life and have a Happy "Frenchie Friday"!

I'm going to take "Stella" for a walk, she deserves one today for giving all of you a giggle at her expense!  :)  ...AND because it's DAY 6 of the FITNESS CHALLENGE!!  Get out there and walk!!