"Frenchie Friday" - Pure Happiness

For "Frenchie Friday" I have to share this adorable video of this man surprising his wife with a French Bulldog puppy that she thought was already taken.... little did she know her husband had gotten her for her and planned this surprise!  Reminds me of the first moment I saw my "Stella"...my husband got her for me for my birthday!  (I knew about her though and actually picked her out;)  See how HAPPY Frenchie's make you??  :)  Enjoy! See the Hope Shared video of this cute introduction here...they call it "Pure Happiness"!!

They just have the cutest face!!  Here's my "Stella"... (don't want to upset Stella by posting ONLY about another Frenchie!  LOL!)


(Just a side note... this is a super cute video, but these people obviously talked about getting THIS puppy beforehand, so I'm not recommending buying a "surprise" puppy for anyone! ...because sometimes that's how these cuties end up in rescues!  Just saying'!  A dog is a huge responsibility!)