Frenchie Friday!

Happy Frenchie Friday everyone!  "Stella" went for a longer walk than normal this morning because it was cool...about 5 or 6 miles.  She was fired up when she got home....carried her Syracuse "BoBo" around...supporting her brother who goes there! IMG_6811

She was tuckered out!  She fell asleep soon after, resting her heavy Frenchie head....


She didn't want to eat today...she sometimes has bad days where she doesn't want to eat.  Her belly started to grumble so my husband made her a scrambled egg this evening to mix in her food because that's her favorite.  I sat by her bowl and hand fed her until she finally took a couple of bites.  Once she did, she ate the whole bowl!  I'm so happy....I hate it when she won't eat.

She has a megaesophagus which makes eating troublesome for her anyway....but we just feed her small meals, often....hold her up after and "burp" her and she does great...knock on wood!  But every once in a while she doesn't want any part of her food.

I am SO excited because today is the FIRST day I'm NOT sore after my workout!!  I went to a FIT class last night and it was hard!!  I woke up today and I was NOT sore!!  I'm finally over it!  I'm seeing some changes already and am excited to keep it up!!

I wish you all an amazingly fantastic Frenchie Friday...have a wonderful weekend!