Frenchie Friday!

IMG_5557 Happy Frenchie Friday everyone!  It was cold the other morning and "Stella" was glad she had her jacket....even though she looks super embarrassed in this picture!

I had such an amazing day with my husband out at the coast...we went on a big hike which I actually didn't enjoy thoroughly.  A lot of it was through sand and after a few miles I wasn't too happy with all the sand in my tennis shoes and feeling like I was in quicksand!  We got a great hike/workout out of it though and once we got out of there we enjoyed the rest of our day;)  And we did see these pretty girls...


We went for a glass of wine at Gourmet Au Bay because I earned it...then headed toward Tomales Bay for oysters.  I saw my DREAM CAR at a restaurant so we HAD to pull in just so I could say hi to it....I've wanted one of these Porshe Speedsters since I was seven years old...I want a cream one:)


I went inside to try to see if I could pick out who belonged to that car...a fun game.  I totally nailed it.  I saw this cute old couple in the corner, drinking white wine, their hair all windblown....I told my husband, "that's them."  Soon, she came over to the window...just to peek outside to check on her baby.  I was right!!!  Someday that will be me.  :)

We headed out to our FAVORITE place to have oysters next.  Marshall Store in Tomales Bay.  The best place for oysters, hands down.  We ordered a dozen BBQ oysters, (that's the best to order, by the way, we've tried them all).  It's right on the eat them outside on the water, it just doesn't get any better!  Yes, I even had a bite of that garlic bread!


What a great adventure happy to come home to this sweet pea, it's her day after all....Happy Frenchie Friday!!!