I'm working on a new me...

a-new-me I'm working on a new me.  Why?  Because there's room for improvement.

Most people actually have pretty good intentions when it comes to health and fitness, but are lazy.  They want to live a healthy lifestyle, but it never seems to be the right time, right now.

They'll say things like, "I'll start Monday."  "I'll start after______."  "I'll start when bathing suit season comes around."  I'm here to tell you, the excuses will continue.  Do it now.  Right now.  It's the best time to start.  It's never going to be the perfect time...something will always come up.  Don't put it off any longer.

I always knew I could do better when it came to health and fitness.  But it was this thing that dangled out in the future..."One of these days I'm going to get really healthy and get in the best shape of my life.  Time passes... until you make someday TODAY.

So now, I am on a journey to get healthy and fit... now.  Not that the old me is bad, but there is always room for improvement.  It feels better to eat healthy than unhealthy.  It feels better to exercise than sit still.  It improves my mood dramatically to live a healthy lifestyle.

Yesterday I really noticed it.  My husband was off work and we took "Stella" for a long morning walk.  We got home and we both went our separate ways for a bit and worked out.  Then we went and played tennis!  When we were done, I said, "Wow, we've done nothing but exercise today and it hasn't felt like work... it's felt like fun!"  It felt good, I actually felt like I could breathe better.  That's because it's become a habit.  It's just part of our day.

My husband and I are enjoying tennis so much, it's been such a fun new hobby for us!  We started Labor Day weekend and we're improving!  We aren't great at it...but aren't terrible either.  Most importantly we have fun.  We've played the past 3 days in a row.  He had to tape my wrist yesterday because I'm sore, but I wanted to play so bad that it didn't matter I was in pain!

Of course I also had to go get some tennis skirts because now that we're going more often, I have to look fashionable doing it!  Right!?  :)

It's so silly that we used to like tennis, but haven't played in over 20 years!  Why not?  Is there anything that you used to love to do but just quit doing?  Especially if it's active and healthy... go do it!  Go play again!  Get moving and your body will thank you.

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.  Don't try to be like anyone else.  Be YOU.  But be leaner, stronger, and healthier.  There's room for improvement, isn't there?  I know there was for me...

I'm working on a new me.  I'm not putting it off any longer.  Join me!!