Gefu! Do you miss pasta? Paleo kitchen tool everyone should have

Are you a pasta lover like me?  This kitchen gadget has made craving spaghetti a thing of the past!  About a year ago, my friend who is a wonderful mother and AMAZING cook gave me this little gadget as a gift... At first look, I wondered, "What the heck does this thing do?"  Well, since then, I use it so much and it's SO amazing I have to share it with you!!

It's called a Gefu.  Here's what it looks like...

It has two ends  with two different size "teeth".  You put veggies in either end and twist; the teeth slice the veggie into long spirals that look like spaghetti.

You can use any vegetable that will fit…I use zucchini most of the time, but it works great with sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash and carrots too! Fun and colorful to do a mix!  The removable cap has spikes in it, so when the veggie gets close to the end and it gets harder to twist by hand, you put the cap into the end of the veggie and it gives you great leverage to twist all the way to the bottom for less waste!  This is what you end up with...

So then what do you do with it?  I've found a lot of recipes out there trying to get all the water out of the zucchini.  For me, that did not work.  I ended up with mush.  I like to just get out my wok (a large pan or pot would work too), turn it up to high, and toss the "noodles" around it it quickly until they are just heated through, but still crisp.  Toss with a healthy tomato sauce or pesto….add ground, meatballs, chicken, mushrooms…whatever you like!  I added chicken and bruschetta as a sauce once and my husband was in heaven!

It's amazing how this dish satisfies the pasta craving and is SO HEALTHY!!  One of my absolute favorite tools in my kitchen!  The "Gefu Spirelli" Spiral Slicer is small, so it takes up nearly no space…I hate adding another bulky appliance to my kitchen that I don't have space for!  It's also totally affordable, less than $30!  I'm pretty sure you can find it on Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.  To check the Gefu out further, click here.  Another way to stay Paleo and stay healthy when that pesky spaghetti and meatballs starts calling your name!  Enjoy!