Paleo Magazine

Paleo-magazine Have you read Paleo Magazine yet?  It's the only print magazine dedicated to the Paleo Lifestyle!  I buy it when I see the newest issue at only comes out every two months, so I've only gotten two so far.  The issues above are April/May and June/July of 2014.  I really like it!  It has great information!

My husband read the new issue that I picked up today and kept talking about it....he thought it was really good and said, "You should go ahead and subscribe to this!"  I haven't even had a chance to read it yet....but I enjoyed the last issue enough to buy it again so I'm going to subscribe!  It has great articles about the Paleo Lifestyle, great recipes, book reviews, blog reviews, and just all around good information for to Paleo or not!

I figure I'm going to buy the magazine each and every time I see the new issue at Sprouts anyway...which is my second I'll save some money by getting a subscription!  It's $29.99 for one year/6 issues.  Otherwise each magazine is $6.99 retail US and $7.99 CAN.

Thanks Paleo Magazine...modern day primal living!!  I look forward to getting mail from you!

For following MovNat which is "Natural Movement Fitness"....I saved 35%... by entering the promotion code:  MOVNAT  It ended up only costing $19.99 for a whole year instead of $29.99!

Thank you!!  :)