Put your Dish Soap in a spray bottle - lasts longer & easier to use!

dish-soap-spray-bottle I usually rely on my dishwasher to get my dishes clean.... but for those items that you wash by hand I have a great tip for you!  Save an empty spray bottle, I used an old counter spray bottle and it works perfectly.  Just squirt about a tablespoon into the bottle and fill it with water. Label it so other people know what it is.  When I need dish soap, I just "spray" it on!  GREAT for soaking caked on, messy baking sheets and cutting boards because it sprays on so evenly....LOVE THAT!!  Spray it on, let it sit while your loading your dishwaher... by the time you wash it, it's easier!  You use a lot less too, I notice my bottle of dish soap lasts and lasts!!  This is such an easy, quick tip... but I LOVED it when I tried it, so I thought you might love it too!  Anything to make cleaning easier, I'm a fan! :)

I JUST posted this and already got this AWESOME comment on Facebook!  It's such a great addition to MY tip that I had to add it to this post so all of you know about it too!!!...THANK YOU!!!!

-If you put shampoo in a spray bottle with water it will remove all the hair spray build up in your bathroom. My tile gets sticky from all my hairspray!