Roasted Romaine Wedge Salad

wedge-salad Last weekend my friend Danyel told me that she roasted romaine for a wedge salad and said it was amazing!  I remembered that I had ripped a recipe for this out of a magazine a while back because it looked amazing!  Last night I gave it a try...and it was amazing!

I cut romaine heads in half, lengthwise.  Leave the stem intact so it holds together.  Rinse and dry.  Get your salad toppings ready.  Use whatever you like!  I happen to LOVE a classic "wedge" salad, so I decided to do a variation of that.  It's usually made with a wedge of iceberg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese dressing.

I cooked some bacon so it was fresh and chopped it up.  I got my other ingredients ready...of course I added some avocado!  Good fats!


Heat a grill pan to high.  Drizzle the center of the lettuce with a little olive oil and put in face down on the hot pan for about one minute, until lightly charred.

IMG_8258 IMG_1277

After a minute, it will have grill marks...take it off the heat and put it face up on a plate.


I topped my wedge salad with halved cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, crumbled bacon, a little salt and pepper, and dressing of your choice.  For this wedge salad I used homemade dairy free ranch dressing and added some goat cheese crumbles for texture.  Serve it whole with a knife and fork!  My husband said he could really taste the "roasted" flavor of the romaine and thought it was great!  Great for a light lunch or dinner....a very pretty presentation!  You can add any toppings you like, add diced chicken to this one if you want a little more substance.

I think the next time I make this I'm going to try this variation....Roasted Veggies:  sliced portabella mushrooms, orange bell pepper slices and red onion.   For the dressing, I'm going to use balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a little spicy brown mustard and salt and pepper to taste.  I'll top it off with goat feta and some chopped almonds!  I'll update this post with pictures when I make it if it's good!  If there are any other yummy toppings that you use, feel free to share!!