Whipped Coconut Cream

whipped-coconut-cream In my opinion, whipped cream is kind of like bacon.... it makes things even better!  I was so excited to find this whipped coconut cream recipe made from coconut milk!!  It is even more delicious than the heavy cream version!!

Here's what you'll need to do...notice that you need to put the can of coconut milk in the fridge for 24 hours, so plan ahead;)

  • 1 14 oz can of full-fat coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar (optional)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Turn a can of coconut milk upside down, and refrigerate overnight.  This will cause the coconut cream to separate from the liquid and rise.  Chill a mixing bowl and a wire whisk in the fridge too.
  2. Take the can out of the fridge, and turn it right side up.  The coconut cream will now be on the bottom of the can.  Using a can opener, cut 2 slits on the top of the can on opposing sides, and pour out the liquid (coconut water!), leaving only the thick coconut cream in the can.
  3. Open the can the rest of the way and transfer the stiff coconut cream to the chilled bowl.  Add the coconut sugar, if desired, and vanilla extract, and whisk until medium peaks form.  Coconut sugar is still sugar, so I'd leave it out if the dessert I'm putting it on is already sweet.
  4. Pipe it onto dessert, or just spoon it onto fresh berries like I did!

I definitely am excited to have found whipped coconut cream recipe in time for Thanksgiving!  Paleo Pumpkin Pie time!!  I also put a little dollop on our coffee - YUM.

-This recipe is from Nom Nom Paleo