How the "Cuddy Pose" can increase your chances for success!

I first heard of the Cuddy Pose on Ted Talks...Have you seen TED talks?  I only started watching them since we've had Netflix...they are a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.  Many of the TED talks I've seen are very interesting but I saw one recently that really spoke to me.  It was a talk by Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy and she demonstrates this...Don't fake it until you make it, fake it until you BECOME it! She explains how assuming a power pose...imagine Wonder Woman standing confidently with her hands on her hips...for just two minutes can change the levels of testosterone and cortisol in the body SIGNIFICANTLY.  It was amazing the scenarios that they put people in that proved this is true!  Her own story was really much she has accomplished in her life when the odds were stacked against her and everyone told her what she COULDN'T do.  Well, she faked it until she BECAME it...and now she's teaching others to do it Harvard!

We know that body language can impact the way OTHERS see us....but can it impact the way we see OURSELVES?  She proves this by running tests that show a significant change in the brain's chemistry after only TWO minutes of just holding a simple pose!  This is such a great tool that I wish I would've known about sooner!

The next time you feel like you need a confidence boost, put your arms up in the air over your head or open your arms in any way for 2 minutes!  Here is the full video, take the 20 minutes out of your life to watch it.... it just might change your life!!

I think you will find it extremely interesting and might just have an impact on your chances for success!

Amy Cuddy demonstrating a power pose.  The Cuddy Pose.