A Belief Is Just a Thought You Keep Thinking...

When's the BEST time to plant a tree?  20 years ago.  When's next best time?  RIGHT NOW!  I just heard this in a seminar this week and it's SO true!  It's not too late to DO what you should've DONE!!  It's not too late to be the person you always knew you could be.  Believe in yourself.  One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Hicks is... "A belief is just a thought you keep thinking."  Change your story, change your beliefs about yourself right now if they are not the beliefs that make you the best you, the happiest you, the most empowered you that YOU can be. I'm in the process of learning how to do this for myself and it's amazing how much happier I feel throughout my days.  If you learn how to love yourself MORE...not from an "ego" place, from a place that makes you BELIEVE that you're worthy, that you're capable, that there's nothing that can stop you from living the life others only dream about.  The only person holding you back is you.

Think of something you KNOW you should have started a long time ago.  Take a moment to think back when you were younger...what were your dreams?  What did you WANT out of life?  So many people lost sight of their dreams...so much so that they forget what they were or that they even had them because "life gets in the way".  Most people can say what they don't want instead of what they do want.  That's okay!  That's actually a great place to start.  By knowing what you don't want....you can decide what you do want.  That's the first step.  That's the beauty in the "contrast" we have in life...without it we wouldn't be able to truly LIVE our dreams.

Do something different today....change your story today....make a list of all the things you WANT out of life today...and watch what the universe starts to deliver.