It's Frenchie Friday! Find your Happiness...

IMG_7801 T-G-I-Frenchie Friday!!!  This morning "Stella" made me think of the simple happy moments that we let pass by all too often...

These are the moments that actually define happiness.  They can be the smallest moments in life that make up our happiness if we take the time to notice them.  Today it was the sunshine on "Stella's" face.  She absolutely loves sunshine, she'll seek it out and today the first thing she did was run up to the window and she just looked so happy.   Watching her in her small simple moments reminds me to enjoy my small simple moments.  We tend to wait for this BIG life event to be happy.  We are missing it completely.   When we wait for happiness to come to us, it never arrives because happiness isn't an outside job, it's an inside one.


Dogs can remind us sometimes to simplify and just enjoy the present moment.  They are the ultimate "in the moment" creatures.  They don't hold grudges; they love unconditionally.  I hope you start looking for those small subtle moments in YOUR life...there's probably happiness lurking all around you, take notice....don't let happiness pass you by.  Be grateful.  You see, happiness is so tiny and so small that it’s fleeting...if you don’t take the time to see it.

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you."  -Walt Whitman