"Frenchie Friday" - Stella's going Paleo!

IMG_5462 Happy Frenchie Friday!  "Stella" was out of food so I went to PETCO this morning to get her usual food that she's been eating for quite some time...Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed.  She loves it.  I have to feed her small kibbles because she has a megaesophgus so this is perfect.  As I was picking up her bag...I noticed this new one next to it.  Same exact food, but Grain-Free!  I thought to myself, I'm not eating grains anymore and am feeling SO MUCH BETTER....why not try this for my "Stella"!?  Dogs shouldn't be eating grains anyway!  I learned from my years as a Registered Veterinary Nurse how important it is to feed pets a high quality food.  Feeding a "grocery store", low quality food is the equivalent of us eating McDonalds on a daily basis!

There are so many good, quality dog foods out there today...there weren't very many when I started working in the veterinary field 20 something years ago!  In learning how grains can wreak havoc on our brains and bodies...I'm happy to eliminate it from my dog's diet too!!  Once I got the bag home, I noticed it even has a picture of a Frenchie on it!!

Of course I had to pick her up a couple new toys while I was there...she loves getting new toys.  I got her the pig in the picture above, because it looked like her "mini me"....and an ALIEN!  I feel like if she could talk in this photo....she'd be saying "Don't worry mama, I've got this, he's not getting away."......


So, it's official, "Stella" is now Paleo too!  :)  Big hugs from mama....wishing you a Happy, Healthy Frenchie Friday!!!