How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

gratidude Gratitude helps us gain perspective when we are feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with our lives.  Sometimes we can lose sight of what's really important...understandably so, with all the distractions nowadays.  Learning to use gratitude as a tool can make a dramatically positive impact on our lives.

It's easy to feel gratitude when things are going our way and we are happy.  What about when things are not going our way?  Harder, isn't it?  We tend to succumb to frustration.  So what can we do to turn things around in our favor quickly?  GRATITUDE.

It's actually difficult to focus on the negative when we are feeling grateful.  The key to making gratitude a habit is to feel grateful regardless of your circumstances.  There is always going to be "ups" and "downs" in life.  That's okay!  What we don't realize, is that those "ups" and "downs" are part of life.  If we didn't experience the "downs", we wouldn't know how good the "ups" feel!   We NEED that contrast to navigate and learn what we want in life.  We need that contrast to grow.  We shouldn't let our feelings of gratitude be dictated by what's going on in our lives at that moment.  Find gratitude in every moment.  By changing this one thing, it can make a HUGE impact on what we attract into our lives.

How can gratitude benefit our lives?  In order to attract more of what we want, we must be in what is called an "attitude of gratitude", because gratitude is essential to put the Law of Attraction into motion, a universal law that states that whatever you focus on is what you're going to get, whether you want it or not.  (I'm not elaborating on this because I've written a blog post about this in more detail, click on the link above to learn more...I recommend it!)

So how do we do this?  At first, we tend to be thankful for things.  That's a great place to start, but when we make gratitude a habit...we move to feeling grateful for life itself.  We start moving in this direction by being grateful for waking up every day, breathing, the love we feel, and our failures.  Yes, our mistakes and failures.  Be grateful for means you tried and you're better for it.  Be grateful for that.  Once we make this a habit, we are grateful for not only things...we are grateful to just be.

One way to practice making gratitude a part of your life is to silently list what you are grateful for in your life...right when you wake up.  When we sleep, our minds "reset" so to speak.  We release negativity when we sleep by releasing resistance.  For this reason, it's easier to feel gratitude at this time.  Keep your eyes closed for just a few moments and think about all the things you are grateful for.  Starting each day in this way will put you in a better frame of mind and you will start noticing the positive benefits.

Another way to remind you throughout the day to feel gratitude is with a "gratitude rock".  Find a smooth rock that feels good in your hand.  Make it special.  Keep this gratitude rock with you at all times, in your pocket or purse....somewhere you will come across it at least a few times a day.  When you touch it, take a moment to hold it, roll it around in your hand.  As you do, think of what you are grateful for...what you have already.  Remember, don't think about what you "lack"...think about what you are grateful for.   When you go to bed, put it by your bed or somewhere you will see it first thing, so you don't forget to take it with you.

If we can find a way to have gratitude in each moment, our lives will improve dramatically.  Learn to begin each day and live each moment in gratitude...then watch your life transform.

The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.