Frenchie Friday - Happy Birthday Stella!

IMG_5470 Happy Frenchie Friday!  "Stella" celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday!  She has had this birthday cake toy for quite a few years now and she never fails to get it out for her birthday.  It was actually a little eerie the first time she did that.  It used to play the Happy Birthday song, but that broke from all the is now silent, which isn't a bad thing after hearing it too many times;)

She has since moved on to her new birthday present, this new turkey...that gobbles when you shake it and has "rope legs" for chewing...that's a big smile!!


It's hard to believe she's already eight, but she's truly a puppy at heart...and that's what matters, right?  Not that she's super old, but people always ask if she's a puppy.  She lives life to the fullest, plays daily, lives in the moment, doesn't worry about her age...we can learn something from our pets how to enjoy life more.  

Age is just a number.  We are only as old as we feel.  Stella and I wish you a youthful, FUN Frenchie Friday!!!

Happiness is...falling asleep with your new toy still in your tuckered.