"Sigh" - Champagne & Sparkling Tasting Room...and so much more!

SIGH-review If you are familiar with me AT ALL, you know that one of my favorite things is Champagne.  If I have had any friends in the past that used to "not like" Champagne....after hanging out with me long enough...I can't tell you how many people I've converted into loving it!  My husband even likes it!  One of the things about Champagne that I love so much is the "Happy" that comes with it.  No, I'm not talking about the buzz...though that's not bad either :) ...I'm talking about the "celebratory" feel that comes with Champagne.  It's the HAPPIEST of all cocktails in my opinion!  It used to be reserved for those special occasions when people would "toast", take a sip, and that was it.  Well, those days are over and bubbly has become something that you can drink anytime!!  Here's my motto... and another fun sign I made (it originally said "beer", so I switched it to Champagne, of course.)


I've learned a lot about sparkling wine and champagne over the years because it interests me.  I started out drinking sweet Ballatore with my girlfriends while watching chick flicks and eating popcorn!  That was in my 20's...now that I'm in my 40's I've moved on from the Ballatore and have been fortunate enough to taste a wide range of amazing Champagnes from high end well-known's like Dom and Cristal to local Sparkling's that honestly can be just as good, if not better.  These days when my girlfriends and I see one another... we all bring the BUBBLY!

When a girlfriend of mine told me about a "Champagne Tasting Room" going into Sonoma Square, I was very excited to go visit.  I've been to a few of the Sparkling wineries in the area...very lucky to live in the wine country...but they only carry what they make.  I do love Gloria Ferrer winery and have been a member there for quite some time.  I feel like I should own stock in that place for how many people I've referred there who have joined their wine club!  LOL!  But when I found 'SIGH' Tasting Room...this was just my kind of place.  I've been to the "Bubble Lounge" in San Francisco and Flute Bar in New York...this place is different, more fun!


The sound a bottle of Champagne makes when you open it, that "pop"...can actually be different depending on how you open it.  Some have said you can either open Champagne with a "bang or a whisper".  People like to open it with a bang on celebrations, the cork goes flying and the bubbles flow over!  It should actually be opened by twisting slowly to get the sound of a whisper...or "SIGH".  Hence, the very cute name.

I've met the owner of SIGH, Jayme Powers (AKA "Bubble Boss") a couple of times and she just looks like she would be the owner.  She is so cute and "bubbly" and is constantly smiling.  She is so personable and friendly and you can really tell she loves what she does.


She stocks a rotating menu of 25+ Champagnes and Sparkling Wines from all over the world.  High-end's straight from France... to "budget bubbly" that tastes great!  I LOVE that they carry wines that you won't easily find anywhere else.  You won't find wines here that you can find at your local grocery store or BevMo.  Because of that, it's a treat to go taste here because you get to try things you don't have the opportunity to taste anywhere else!  SIGH offers small tastes, flights, by the glass...and bottles!  Sonoma Plaza Park is directly across the street and it is one of only THREE parks in California where you can legally drink!  Perfect to buy a bottle, some plastic flutes, and take it to a picnic in the park!  The tasting room is small and cozy, with pillows... cute decorated tables.  They also carry fun accessories like champagne glasses and gift cards... they even carry one bottled beer for the men out there who get dragged to the Champagne bar with their wives....Miller High Life!!  Why?  Because it's the "Champagne of Beers" of course!!  It's these cute details that set this place apart.

Okay, here's the REALLY FUN part that I got to experience last weekend... there is actually a third way to open Champagne at SIGH... (I've seen Cameron Diaz do it in a movie, but have never seen it in person!)


If you buy a bottle at SIGH, they will use a Saber to open it!!  How cool is that??!  (Don't try this at home....it can be dangerous!...there, that's my disclaimer.)  We bought a bottle and here she is demonstrating and opening OUR bottle!  (My video was longer... with her demonstrating how to do this, but it was too large of a file for the website, so here's the most FUN part of the video!!)... take a look!

Click here:  IMG_4193SIGHVIDEO

Not even one drop spilled!!  Here's the happy pic of my husband and I... look at the top of that bottle cut clean OFF!!  Now that was what I call FUN!


They do sell the Saber in the tasting room.... I really want one and one of these days I will have my own personal Saber!!!  (You can use other knives, she even said she's seen it done with an iPad!!  The trick is a blunt blade actually... but of course I want the pretty one! ;)

When I talked to Jayme as we were leaving and asked her if it was okay if I put the video on my website.... she said "absolutely"...she also said she'd teach me to Saber a bottle!  Well Jayme, I will definitely be taking you up on that!  That is MY KIND OF PARTY TRICK!! :)

So..if you love Champagne like I do...and you are ever in Sonoma, CA.... beautiful wine country.... stop by SIGH on Sonoma Square and do some tasting, take home a unique bottle of bubbly, and maybe even see the Saber in action!!  Thanks SIGH for making life a little HAPPIER!!


My French Bulldog "Stella" even likes "FRENCH" Champagne!! :)


For more information, visit sighsonoma.com

The pictures on this post were either taken by me or are from the SIGH website.