"Frenchie Friday" - if you love a Frenchie, you'll love the book "Picnic"

IMG_4714 Happy Frenchie Friday!  As soon as I saw this children's book, Picnic-The French Bulldog Who Lost Her Snort, I knew I had to get it.... even though I don't have any small children!  It looks just like "Stella"!


I ordered Picnic online on Amazon...and it came from Far Flung books which turns out is owned by the author, Octavia Jones.  When the book shipped, I got an email from the actual author!


Once I received Picnic, I saw that it was signed by Octavia too!  I thought that was such a nice touch!


It says "May you always find what you are looking for" - Octavia Jones

I love it when someone "under-promises" and "over-delivers".... rather than the other way around.  That was so special.

The book is darling.  Such a cute story.  It made me laugh many times because only a French Bulldog owner would know some of the things she put in the book, like the way they lay on the ground...that picture cracked me up.


I will be saving this book for my grandchildren!!

Octavia Jones is obviously a Frenchie owner because in the last page of the book she writes... "To those who have not had the privilege to love a French Bulldog, do not despair.  Your turn will come."   

Thank you Octavia for going above and beyond with your service... it's much appreciated and I think your book is a gem.  I will treasure it.