Are you a hero? The book that inspired me toward something I never thought I'd do.

My husband and I LOVE going to bookstores and browsing the magazine and's kind of our "thing " we love to do on a Sunday afternoon if we don't have anything else going on. To tell you this story, I need to backtrack about 11 years, before I even met my husband. I was at a place in my life when I was "unsatisfied". I had a good steady job, but it wasn't my passion. I made enough to get by on my own, but not nearly enough to feel secure. I was frustrated and couldn't see a way out of the life I felt "stuck" in.

One day, I wandered into Barnes & Noble, not looking for anything in particular...right away a book caught my eye. I picked it up, read the back and it said it was a book about "feeling". Oh, a self-help book...NOT. I had never bought one of "those" before. Back on the shelf it went, and off I went to explore the fiction I was used to...  As I walked around, I couldn't seem to get that book out of my mind. It was the strangest sensation, I know it sounds crazy, but it was a very strong feeling that I needed to read that book. So, reluctantly, I went back over, picked it up, and looked it over again. I didn't understand it at the time, but I WENT WITH IT.....

Well, long story short, this is how I came to learn about The Law of Attraction. My life has never been the same since. I know now without a shadow of a doubt that I attracted that book into my life. That book was called "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. To this day, I have read other books on the subject that have blown my mind, but this book remains my favorite for that reason.  Just as I am writing this, I looked up how to spell her last name and learned that Lynn Grabhorn died shortly after that book came out.  She definitely touched my life and I think that is exactly what she set out to people... so to me she lived a very full life.

My life made an amazing shift for the better after reading that book...and FAST. Things started to fall into place. Solutions for problems started to come easily. I was fixed up with my husband. I became excited about life again. Things CHANGED...for the better.

Today, my husband and I are very aware of the Law of Attraction. We read about it, listen to seminars and workshops about it, and practice it...and it does take practice. We feel so grateful to have the knowledge that we have control over where our lives are headed. When we have things that are unwanted in our life, and we sometimes do...we KNOW why. Just knowing that is everything...because we know how to get back on track.

So, that brings us back to present day. My husband and I walked into Barnes & Noble recently and I walked up to the first table near the entrance with all the new releases...and I picked up a book. It was called "Hero" by Rhonda Byrne. I looked it over, somehow knew I was going to buy it, but as I went to put it down, I noticed that there were NO others like it on the I held it in my hot little hands. At that exact moment, I remembered that day 11 years ago, and smiled to myself. Was it happening again? Did I attract this book for a reason? This time I KNEW. That's what can be so fun about the Law of Attraction...when you're aware of it and can feel it in action, it's exhilarating. As my husband was looking at magazines, I browsed the bookstore, giddy and excited, and didn't see another copy of that book ANYWHERE on any the display tables...nowhere in sight. I knew that one copy, at that moment, ended up there for me to find. I just didn't know why yet.

We went across the street to a coffee shop and after sitting down in the window with my hot tea, I opened the book to a random page and I read..."Something good is just about to happen." Wow. I felt excited. I read about 30 pages and as we left to go home, I couldn't wait to finish this book.

The next day, on my chalkboard wall in my dining room, I erased my grocery list and wrote, "Something good is just about to happen." Each morning over the next few days I'd see it and get excited to start my day, KNOWING that something good was coming my way. One evening, my husband and I were excitedly chatting, having a glass of wine, just overall excited about some things we had coming up. I don't even remember how it started, but all of a sudden he said, "You could help people, you should share what you've learned about health, and fitness, and style, and staying young, and the Law of Attraction, and goal setting..." That was it. At that moment I knew that was exactly what I needed to do. I know that there's someone out there that I am meant to touch. That very night I started putting together this blog Happy nothing about how to do it, learning as I went, excited to help someone to be happier and healthier than they are right now...I don't know what's to come, all I do know is that I feel more passionate and excited about THIS than anything I've ever done before. Am I a writer? No. But that's not stopping me. I know this is what I'm meant to do. Just yesterday, as we flew to Maui for an amazing week of training with our Chiropractic and Life coaches, with some of the most amazing, inspiring people I've ever of my very best friends is sitting right behind me on the plane. Guess what she was reading.....yep, Hero. There it was again. We hadn't even discussed it. I just smiled to myself...this is going to be one extraordinary week.